Work: If I Were A Sushi Roll
Composer: Nico Muhly & Teitur
Company: Smuin Ballet

Work: Dances For Lou
Composer: Lou Harrison
Company: Ballet West

Work: 4 In The Morning
Composer: William Walton
Company: Amy Seiwert’s Imagery

Work:  Twisted 2
Composer: Andre Previn, Jacques Offenbach, Arnold Schoenberg
Company: BalletMet

Work: Repeat After Me
Composer: Johann Paul Von Westhoff
Company: Menlowe Ballet

Work: Without Borders
Composer:  Yo-Yo Ma and The Silk Road Ensemble
Company: Texas Ballet Theater

Work: Beautiful Dreamer
Composer:  Stephen Foster
Company: Oakland Ballet

Work: Stolen Moments
Composer:  Jean-Philippe Rameau
Company: Richmond Ballet, Diablo Ballet (excerpts)

Work:  Das Ballett
Composer:  Leopold Mozart
Company: Oakland Ballet

Work:  The Nutcracker
Composer:  Peter llych Tchaikovsky
Company: Grand Rapids Ballet

Work:  Twisted
Composer:  Benjamin Britten, Gioachino Rossini, Giacomo Puccini
Company: BalletMet

Work: Tutto Eccetto Il Lavandino (everything but the kitchen sink)
Composer:  Antonio Vivaldi
Company:  Smuin Ballet, Eugene Ballet (2018)

Work: Spaghetti Western
Composer: Ennio Morricone
Company: Louisville Ballet

Work: Tears
Composer: Steve Reich
Company: San Francisco Ballet

Year: 2013
Work: Triptych
Composer: John Tavener & Alexander Balanescu
Company: Amy Seiwert’s Imagery, BalletX (2014), Singapore Dance Theatre (2017)

Work: Caprice
Composer: Niccolo Paganini
Company: Cincinnati Ballet

Work: In Pieces
Composer: Poul Ruders
Company: Colorado Ballet

Year: 2012
Work: The Lottery
based on Shirley Jackson’s 
“The Lottery”
Composer: Robert Moran
Company: Ballet West, Kansas City Ballet (2017), Nashville Ballet (2019)

Work: Chant
Composer: Lou Harrison
Company: Singapore Dance Theatre

Work: Incantations
Composer: Alexandre Rabinovitch-Barakovsky
Company: Joffrey Ballet

Year: 2011 
Work: Tears From Above
Composer: Elena Kats-Chernin
Company: Diablo Ballet

Work: Swipe
Composer: Gabriel Prokofiev
Company: Richmond Ballet,
Smuin Ballet (2012) Singapore Dance Theatre (2014)

Work: Double Stop
Composer: Philip Glass
Company: San Francisco Ballet,
Tiit Helimets & Company, New Zealand School of the Arts (2014)

Year: 2010
Work: Blades of Grass
Composer: Tan Dun
Company: Milwaukee Ballet

Work: Still Life
Composer: Elena Kats-Chernin
Company: Scottish Ballet

Year: 2009
Work: Amor Con Fortuna
Composer: Jordi Savall, Various
Company: Tulsa Ballet

Work: The Seasons
Composer: Alexander Glazunov
Company: Pacific Northwest Ballet
Louisville Ballet (2010)

Work: The Nutcracker
Composer: Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky
Company: Louisville Ballet

Work: Ebony Concerto
Composer: Igor Stravinsky                                                       
Company: San Francisco Ballet                                                

Year: 2008
Work: Ibsen’s House
Composer: Antonin Dvorak
Company: San Francisco Ballet,
Tiit Helimets & Company (2011), Grand Rapids Ballet (2019)

Year: 2007
Work: Suite
Composer: George Frederic Handel
Company: American Repertory Ballet, 
Choreographers and Friends, 
Central West Ballet (2011)

Year: 2006
Work: Violin
Composer: Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber
Company: Richmond Ballet, Central
West Ballet (2010) San Franciso Ballet 2

Year: 2005
Work: Songs
Composer: Chick Corea
Company: Choreographers and Friends, 
Central West Ballet (2011)

Work: Ikon of Eros
Composer: John Tavenor
Company: Washington Ballet

Year: 2004
Work: Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion
Composer: Bela Bartok
Company: Boston Ballet

Work: Val Caniparoli’s, A Cinderella Story
Composer: Richard Rodgers
Company: Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Louisville Ballet (2015), San Francisco Ballet (Act 2 pdd 2015) Diablo Ballet (Act 2, pdd) Orlando Ballet (2017)

Year: 2003
Work: Gustav’s Rooster
Composer: Hoven Droven
Company: Tulsa Ballet, Milwaukee Ballet (2009), Diablo Ballet (PDD)

Work: Vivace
Composer: Franz Schubert
Company: Tulsa Ballet, Louisville Ballet (2008), Cincinnati Ballet (2012)

Work: Untitled
Composer: Dmitri Shostakovich
Company: Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Year: 2002
Work: No Other
Composer: Richard Rodgers
Company: San Francisco Ballet, Cincinnati Ballet, for CIFD’s Dance Tribute to Richard Rodgers, Ballet West,
Joffrey Ballet, Diablo Ballet (2018)

Work: Unspoken
Composer: Camille Saint-Saens
Company: The Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Work: Misa Criolla
Composer: Ariel Ramirez
Company: Tulsa Ballet

Work: Devil’s Sonata
Composer: Giuseppi Tartini
Company: Sacramento Ballet

Work: boink!
Composer: Juan Garcia Esquival
Company: The Lawrence Pech Dance Company, 
Company C Contemporary Ballet (2009)

Year: 2001
Work: The Nutcracker
Composer: Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky
Company: Cincinnati Ballet

Work: Torque
Composer: Michael Torke
Company: Pacific Northwest Ballet, Tulsa Ballet

Work: Jaybird Lounge
Composer: Uri Caine
Company: Pennsylvania Ballet, Sacramento Ballet

Work: Death of a Moth 
Composer: Carlos Surinach
Company: San Francisco Ballet

Year: 2000
Work: Bird’s Nest
Composer: Charlie Parker
Company: Washington Ballet, Smuin Ballet ( Excerpt 2017) 

Work: Already Dusk
Composer: Johannes Brahms
Company: The Lawrence Pech Dance Company

Work: Fade to Black
Composer: Nina Simone
Company: L. Feijoo and Y. Possokhov, Diablo Ballet (2014)

Year: 1999
Work: Going for Baroque
Composer: Antonio Vivaldi
Company: Tulsa Ballet, Nevada Ballet Theater, Louisville Ballet, Orlando Ballet

Work: Attention Please
Composer: J.S. Bach
Company: Richmond Ballet

Work:  Aquilarco
Composer: Giovanni Sollima
Company: San Francisco Ballet, Maximum Dance Company, Cincinnati Ballet, Diablo Ballet, Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Avi Scher & Friends (2009)

Work: Separations
Composer: Dmitri Shostakovich
Company: Ballet Florida

Year: 1998
Work: Open Veins
Composer: Robert Moran
Company: Atlanta Ballet, Diablo Ballet

Work: Book of Alleged Dances
Composer: John Adams
Company: Ballet West, Diablo Ballet (She’s So Fine, PDD 2015)

Work: Slow
Composer: Graham Fitkin
Company: San Francisco Ballet

Work: The Bridge
Composer: Dmitri Shostakovitch
Company: Pacific Northwest Ballet, Cincinnati Ballet

Year: 1997
Work: Djangology
Composer: Django Reinhardt
Company: Richmond Ballet, Aspen Ballet, Oakland Ballet

Work: Aria
Composer: George Frederic Handel
Company: San Francisco Ballet (1998), 
Cincinnati Ballet, Joffrey Ballet (2009)

Work: Ciao, Marcello
Composer: Nino Rota
Company: San Francisco Ballet

Year: 1996
Work: Prawn-watching
Composer: Michael Nyman
Company: Ballet West, Tulsa Ballet Theatre

Year: 1995
Work: Bow Out
Composer: David Bedford and Roy Powell
Company: Richmond Ballet, Ballet Florida, Oakland Ballet, Cincinnati Ballet, University Of Utah Department Of Ballet (2015)

Work: Lambarena
Composer: J.S. Bach and Traditional African
Company: San Francisco Ballet, Ballet West, Boston Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet, Cincinnati Ballet, Singapore Dance Theatre, Ballet Florida, Ballet Internationale, State Theatre Ballet of South Africa, American Repertory Ballet, Northern Ballet Theatre, Kansas City Ballet, Tulsa Ballet, Nevada Dance Theatre, Louisville Ballet, Oregon Ballet Theatre (2008), Atlanta Ballet (2011), Texas Ballet Theatre (2012), University Of Utah Department Of Ballet (Excerpts), BalletMet (2016), Milwaukee Ballet (2019)

Work: Work In Progress
Composer: Lou Harrison
Company: Marin Ballet 

Year: 1994
Work: La Folia
Composer: Gregorio Paniagua
Company: Marin Ballet, City Ballet School

Work: Tangazzo
Composer: Amadeo Roldan
Company: Marin Ballet, City Ballet School

Work: Lady of the Camellias
Composer: Frederic Chopin
Company: Ballet West, Ballet Florida, Boston Ballet (2004, 2015),Cincinnati Ballet (1998, 2015), Tulsa Ballet, Alberta Ballet, Hong Kong Ballet (2016), Diablo Ballet (PDD),Royal Winnipeg Ballet (PDD), Joffrey Ballet (2014) (PDD), National Ballet Of Canada (PDD), Ballet Arkansas (PDD), Singapore Dance Theater (PDD), Finnish National Ballet (2017)

Year: 1993
Work: Seeing Stars
Composer: Ernö Dohnányi

Year: 1992
Work: Concerto Grosso
Composer: Arcangelo Corelli
Company: Marin Ballet

Year: 1991
Work: Pulcinella
Composer: Igor Stravinsky
Company: San Francisco Ballet, Ballet West

Work: Tryst
Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Company: San Francisco Ballet

Year: 1990
Work: Gran Partita
Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Company: Pacific Northwest Ballet

Work: In Perpetuum
Composer: Arvo Part
Company: San Francisco Ballet

Work: Ritual
Composer: Alfred Schnittke
Company: Johann Renvall and Stars 
of American Ballet (Jacob’s Pillow commission)

Work: A Door Is Ajar
Composer: Kronos Quartet
Company: Ririe Woodbury

Year: 1989
Work: Between Ourselves
Composer: Bela Bartok
Company: Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

Work: Kinetic Impressions
Composer: Francis Poulenc
Company: Ballet West

Work: Connotations
Composer: Benjamin Britten
Company: San Francisco Ballet, Hong Kong Ballet, Napac Dance Company

Work: White Mourning
Composer: Franz Schubert, Gustav Mahler
Company: Ballet West

Year: 1988
Work: Ophelia
Composer: Bohuslav Martinu
Company: Ballet West

Year: 1987
Work: Narcisse
Composer: Claude Debussy
Company: San Francisco Ballet

Year: 1985
Work: Hamlet and Ophelia pas de deux
Composer: Bohuslav Martinu
Company: San Francisco Ballet, Oregon Ballet Theatre, Ballet West, Alberta Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet
Diablo Ballet (2015) 

Work: Aubade
Composer: Francis Poulenc
Company: Israel Ballet, Oakland Ballet, 
Richmond Ballet

Year: 1984
Work: Accidental or Abnormal Chromosomal Events
Composer: Al Aguis-Sinerco
Company: Bay Area Playwrights Festival, OMO

Work: Tar Marmalade
Composer: Douglas Adams
Company: Oakland Ballet

Year: 1983
Work: Chansons de Scheherazade 
Composer: Maurice Ravel
Company: San Francisco Ballet

Work: Windows
Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven
Company: San Francisco Ballet

Year: 1982
Work: Loves-Lies-Bleeding
Composer: Igor Stravinsky
Company: San Francisco Ballet

Work: Deranged Dances
Composer: Charles Ives
Company: Marin Ballet

Year: 1981
Work: Six-for-Eight
Composer: George Frederic Handel
Company: Palo Alto Dance Theatre

Year: 1980
Work: Street Songs
Composer: Carl Orff
Company: Pacific Northwest Ballet, 
Richmond Ballet, Oregon Ballet Theatre,
Nevada Dance Theatre, Sacramento Ballet,San Francisco Ballet School, New Zealand School of Dance, Oakland Ballet

Year: 1979
Work: Concertino
Composer: Carlo Ricciotti
Company: Contemporary Dance Theatre of Tucson

Year:  2003
Title: Mlada
Composer: Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Company: San Francisco Symphony

Year: 1996
Title: Psycho, The Ballet
Composer: Bernard Herman
Company: San Francisco Symphony Pops

Year:  1995
Title: Embraceable You
Composer: George Gershwin  
Company: San Francisco Symphony Pops

Year: 2015
Title: Two Women
Composer: Marco Tutino
Company: San Francisco Opera

Year: 1995
Title: Andrea Chenier
Composer: Umberto Giordano
Company: Chicago Lyric Opera

Year: 1990
Title: Capriccio
Composer: Richard Strauss
Company: San Francisco Opera, Metropolitan Opera (1998) (2011), 
Chicago Lyric Opera (1994)

Year: 1986
Title: Manon
Composer: Jules Massenet
Company: San Francisco Opera

Year: 2015
Title: A Little Night Music
Music and Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim
Company: A.C.T. San Francisco

Year: 2013
Title: Arcadia
Composer: Michael Roth
Company: A.C.T. San Francisco 

Year: 2011
Title: The Tosca Café
Composer: Various
Created and Directed by Val Caniparoli & Cary Perloff
Company: Theatre Calgary, Vancouver Playhouse

Year: 2010
Title: The Tosca Project
Composer: Various
Created and Directed by Val Caniparoli & Carey Perloff
Company: A.C.T. San Francisco

Year: 2008
Title: ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore
Composer: Bonfire Madigan Shive
Company: A.C.T. San Francisco

Year: 2005-2017
Title: A Christmas Carol
Composer: Karl Lundeberg
Company: A.C.T. San Francisco

Year: 2003
Title: A Doll’s House
Company: A.C.T. San Francisco

50th Anniversary Super Bowl commercial co-choreographed with Helgi Tomasson with dancers from San Francisco Ballet


19th annual Hong Kong Dance Awards for Lady Of The Camellias “Outstanding Large Venue Production” and “Outstanding Ensemble Performance” for Hong Kong Ballet

Isadora Duncan Award for Choreography, Death of a Moth, San Francisco Ballet

Choo-San Goh & H. Robert Magee Foundation Award for Choreography, Open Veins, Atlanta Ballet

Isadora Duncan Award for Sustained Achievement

Choo-San Goh & H. Robert Magee Foundation Award for Choreography, Lambarena, San Francisco Ballet

Artist Fellowship, California Arts Council

Isadora Duncan Award for Aubade, Bay Area Dance Coalition

Choreographers Fellowship, National Endowment for the Arts


Resident choreographer, Tulsa Ballet

Resident choreographer, Ballet West

Rehearsal assistant, San Francisco Ballet

Co-founded OMO, a choreographic collective based in San Francisco. Documentary on the formation of OMO was broadcast on PBS.

Choreographer, San Francisco Ballet

Dancer, San Francisco Ballet

San Francisco Opera

Performed with San Francisco Ballet, San Francisco Opera, Pacific Northwest Ballet and Bejart Ballet,  Member of AGMA and SDC


San Francisco Ballet School, Norbert Vesak, Janet Sassoon, Terry Westmoreland, Maggie Black


San Francisco Ballet, Carlisle Project


1969-72  Music and Theater
Washington State University
Thirteen years private study on alto saxophone, clarinet and flute