“The movement is uniquely energetic, humorous and frenetic. Caniparoli has a talent for moving large numbers of dancers

around the stage in ways that are eye-catching, inclusive and unique…"

- Dance Europe

“Acclaimed American ballet choreographer and dancer VAL CANIPAROLI has come a long way from ‘never having a ballet class in his life’ to boasting an award-winning repertoire of over 70 unique choreographies. His secret to success? Stay naïve.” - “Forever Young” By Hillary Kang

- Prestige Magazine, Singapore

For Full Text:

"Caniparoli excels at making highly technical ballet steps fit organically into a contemporary context and "Swipe" demands développés extended to dizzying height, allegro footwork, inchworm floor crawls and full-out sprints from its cast of four men and three women.

- San Francisco Chronicle

"Fresh and compelling choreography...firmly within the neoclassical mold...pure reaction to the driving beat”

- The Huffington Post

“In a stroke of genius, Val Caniparoli has built a reverberating surprise into The Lottery, his new Ballet at Ballet West.

- Dance Magazine

“Swipe is packed with originality, utilizing every possible extremity.......The music, by London-based composer Gabriel Prokoviev, is a mélange of hip-hop and electro with a hint of a classical base....... This is zany stuff , not without quirky humor, and an excellent climax to the company’s debut performance here.”

- Dance Europe

“ ...."Swipe," which consisted of sections of pure contemporary ballet, differing combinations of dancers were used to express the changing moods of the music. Maggie Small, Cody Beaton and Fagone gave solo performances and also danced as a trio. Trevor Davis, Ragland, Sabino and Skaggs brought cheers from the audience with a perfectly synchronized, brilliant response to rapid percussion.”

- Richmond Times-Dispatch

“The men bound into their jumps, high and confident. Caniparoli gives them solo moments and a show- off male quartet, with speedy unison footwork and a vaudeville swagger.....The women, dressed in skinny jeans and vest tops, swoop in and out. It’s a high-energy end to an attractive programme.”

-The Independent

“The dance is set to an ingenious recorded score by Pierre Akendengue and Hughes de was meant as a homage to Albert Schweitzer, who lived in the Gabonese town of Lambarene and who played Bach organ music. The music deftly and simultaneously blends Bach and West Africa. Mr. Caniparoli echoes that combination with ballet infused with West Africa dance. The result...was gracious and elegant, a decided up ending....”

-The New York Times

“The first thought that popped into my head after last night’s performance of Lady of the Camellias was, ‘Why have we had to wait so long to see a ballet by this gifted choreographer?”

The Boston Herald

“This is a very special ballet..... it is a work of striking theatrical power... Desire. Passion. Bliss. Sacrifice. Betrayal. Humiliation. Loss. Grief.”

- The Globe and Mail

“The dancers are in complete control of Caniparoli’s difficult but fascinating choreography.”

- The Scotsman

“Val Caniparoli’s Already Dusk.....the choreography itself is outstanding, calling on leitmotifs with great structural and emotional cognency.”

- Dance Australia

“...Brilliant...Broadway Whiz-Bang appeal.....”

- Winnipeg Free Press

Caniparoli has a large range of styles, but the work is particularly poignant and expressive. This is choreography at a very high level, not in terms of overall structure but myriad details......I am anxious to see it again.”

- Seattle Post Intelligencer

“One of the virtues of Caniparoli’s choreography is that it flatters the dancers...this ballet needs to be seen.”

- San Francisco Chronicle

“Best choreographer to visit Cincinnati (in a long time)......Cincinnati Ballet is well-served to have his work.”

- Cincinnati Enquirer

“...detailed choreography is endlessly inventive and full of surprises....”

- Calgary Herald

“This is punishingly beautiful choreography, fast and precise and ever-evolving.”

- Tulsa World

“Val Caniparoli’s “Lambarena” was again a hit with the audience.”

-The New York Times


The Power of Surprise Onstage

Review: Two brand-new dances and one new to us at the Milwaukee Ballet milwaukee-ballet/

That “Rooster” guy returns to Milwaukee Ballet

Molly Wagner & Humberto Rivera Blanco in Val Caniparoli's "The Lottery" based on Shirley Jackson's short story The Lottery. Kansas City Ballet. Photo: Brett Pruitt & East Market Studios. Costume and scenic design by Sandra Woodall. Lighting design by David Finn

Artists of Smuin Ballet in Val Caniparoli’s “Tutto Ecetto Il Lavandino (everything but the kitchen sink)”

 Costume design by Sandra Woodall. Lighting design by Michael Oesch.  Photo by Keith Sutter